Enigmatool - odometer programmer, repairs and mileage correction software

Enigmatool - the most wanted odometer programmer

An must-have tool for instrument cluster repairs and programming. In-built eeprom and processor programmer, OBD2 mileage correction software.

Enigmatool is special designed device which allows to program and repair electronic instrument clusters. Our dedicated software has functions for mileage correction which are not available even in original equipment manfacturer. Let's imagine that our mechanic from car workshop has changed damaged instrument cluster for a used one. Thanks to Enigmatool we can copy data from original instrument cluster to the used one or we can just configure some information like mileage readings, metrics km-miles, VIN number or immobiliser data. In most of cases we don't need to order a new speedometer from dealer and pay for new unit + coding.

Main features:
- Fast and safe programming
- The biggest cover list
- Even 2021 models by OBD2
- Frequent software updates
- Checksum Repairs
- Speed signal generator for gauge tests
- Lot of free programs
- Reliable prices for incoming OBD2 software
- Eeprom programming and secured 912/9S12 without desoldering
- Set of special cables and adapters for faster and more convinient programming
- Easy in use even for beginners

Technical support
We will support you with technical details of programming and repairs. We will share with you electronic tips & tricks, special manuals and knowledge that we gathered for years. In opposite to our competitors we will not leave you after sale.

Cover List V5.8 - Enigmatool instrument cluster programmer
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