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Enigmatool update V3.60

Enigmatool update V3.60

Enigmatool Update V3.60


Program number 455
- Mitsubishi ASX/LANCER/OUTLANDER Fujitsu +93C86 OBD2
- Peugeot 4008 Fujitsu +93C86 OBD2
- Citroen C-CROSSER Fujitsu +93C86 OBD2
- Price: 300 euro netto


Program number 463
- Maserati service reset
- Price: 100 euro netto (Required program: 421)


Audi A1 24C64 SW0330 added
VW 24C64 SW1107 and SW1109 added
- Price: Free for owners of program 372


Isuzu C/E Series truck 93C66
Isuzu Giga truck 93C66
- Price: Free


912D60 1F68K Mask in Editor menu


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